Sharp homeowners in Ventura County know that June is the optimal time to tackle essential maintenance tasks, leveraging the longer days and better weather to save time and money during winter. Start by updating your outdoor lighting. While winter nights may seem distant, early summer is the perfect time to add or upgrade landscape lighting to prepare for those early dark evenings. Solar lighting is an energy-efficient, easy-to-install option, but for consistent performance regardless of weather, consider installing electric lighting.

Next, clean your house’s siding to ensure it remains clean and trouble-free for up to fifty years. Use a soft cloth or a long-handled, soft-bristle brush, starting at the bottom and working your way up to avoid streaks. Rinse thoroughly before the surface dries.

June’s warm, dry conditions in Ventura County are ideal for inspecting your foundation for issues like crumbling mortar, cracks in stucco, or persistent damp spots, especially under faucets. Addressing these problems now by calling a professional can prevent future emergencies.

Your driveway also needs attention; seal the asphalt to protect it from weather, sunlight, vehicles, and foot traffic. This task is best done when temperatures are 50 degrees or higher, making June perfect for this simple, cost-effective job.

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